About me


My name is Luciano Nooijen, co-founder of Bytecode Digital Agency B.V. where I currently fulfil the role of technical lead.


After years of pleasure working as a full-stack developer, I started to specialize in software architecture, infrastructure and systems integration, while I still like to do quite a bit of coding myself.

In my work I mainly focus on identifying the needs of organizations, and creating solutions that meet those needs. In this way I combine my passion for technology with the fulfillment of business requirements.

What motivates me to do this work every day is to see how the applications I have worked on take an organization to a next level and make it possible for people within the organization to focus on what they are passionate about.

Within my work (cyber) security also plays a major role. At Bytecode, I take care of the security of both the servers and the applications that run on these servers.


I started programming at an early age. In 2009 I made my first website, after having been interested in computers and software from an early age. After making this first website, I continued to broaden my knowledge, which enabled me to apply my skills on a professional level from 2014.

In 2014 I developed my own webshop in WooCommerce and started to develop websites under the name Nooijen Web Solutions. After a while I started working together with Jeroen van Steijn, with whom I later founded Bytecode, and where I am currently working with an awesome 11-headed team.


In 2017 I completed my VWO education at the Stanislascollege in Pijnacker. Afterwards I studied Computer Science and Engineering at Delft University of Technology for about half a year. However, I am very self-taught, and the programme did not fit in well with what I wanted to achieve and the way I learn best. I didn’t feel challenged enough, and I felt I could learn more and better in the way I always did, although I later realized this route has challenges of it’s own.

In addition to practical applications, I also started to delve into theoretical matters surrounding computer science, because I see the value of the reasons for doing something in a certain way, rather than just learning that it should be done that way. For example, I have been involved in low-level programming, algorithms, data structures and other issues that tend to be more computer science rather than just software development.

In 2020, I came to a realization that even though I can make great impact with the work I do, there was still a feeling that there was more I could achieve. I considered going to University to get formal education about the true fundamentals to be able to understand what I do at the electrical engineering level, but I chose to go the self-education route here too.

On my dedicated learning page you can read more about my learning journey, the goals I want to achieve doing this and the path I take to get there, as well as the reasoning behind it all.


In 2016 I obtained my Anglia Proficiency certificate with a “Distinction” grade. This shows that I master the English language on at least C1 level on the CEFRL scale.


Because I strongly believe in free(/open source) software, I try to contribute to this cause as much as possible with the development for which I am responsible, both with Bytecode and beyond. In my spare time I occasionally watch American Football (New York Giants) or baseball (Los Angeles Dodgers), and I like to play and watch snooker games.

Most of my free time is taken up by reading and learning about various subjects: mainly philosophy, history and linguistics. I also like playing and learning about chess a lot. Feel free to challenge me on Lichess


The source code of this website is made available on my Github profile under MIT license.

This website was developed using the static website generator Hugo (written in GoLang).