Personal Development

Archived at July 18th, 2020 and not updated thereafter.

Personal development

As a developer, it is important to always continue to learn and to make sure you keep up with the technological advancements. For this reason I spend at least one day a week on self-education.

What I am currently working on:
  • Improvements within the infrastructure of Bytecode, applying Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles.
  • Building a central API system (REST and gRPC) for Bytecode, consisting of several microservices.
  • Creating code generation tools for project scaffolding (e.g. React and Redux) with the objective of more uniform code bases within Bytecode and less manual boilerplate code.
  • Building a tool within Bytecode to define and test import boundaries with a domain specific language.
  • Conduct research to create fixed “stacks” for development at Bytecode, and better definition of guidelines.
  • Self-education towards the foundations of Computer Science and Computational Science and Engineering.
  • Reading The Art of Computer Programming, part 1 to 4A (Donald Knuth)

What I’ve been working on lately (most notably):

  • Delving deeper into Go/Golang development for enterprise applications
  • Specialization towards software architecture/design and SRE
  • Reading books related to productivity, management and soft-skills
  • Reading books related to process/management with software development
  • Reading Start With Why and similar books on startup branding and mission definition
  • Delving deeper into compiler engineering and assembly language(s)
  • Kubernetes in production
What I want to learn (most notably):
  • Getting more acquainted with the purely functional programming languages Haskell and Elm
  • Systems programming with Rust
  • Embedded programming with C, C++ and/or Rust
  • Become familiar with Erlang, OCaml, C++, Dart, F# and Smalltalk for research purposes
  • Functional front-end web development with Elm, ReasonML and/or ClosureScript
  • WebAssembly, icm. Rust, Go and/or C
  • Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks with Tensorflow