Professional work experience

Bytecode Digital Agency B.V.

05/2018 - present ~ Co-founder and techlead

  • Team of 11 people, with expertise in development, design, sales and marketing
  • Development of custom software, mostly web/mobile applications with backed by an API server
  • Setting up infrastructure (internally and for clients), provisioning and security hardening
  • Developing internal tooling to make the software development process more efficient
  • Automating manual tasks to reduce the amount of toil involved in the development process
  • Leading client software projects on both front- and back-end and software consultancy
  • Involved in multiple startup, including partnerships and investments

Dearly B.V.

06/2020 - present ~ Partner and techlead (part-time)

  • Startup for supporting mourners cope with their losses through various ways, investor through Bytecode
  • Development of the custom backend application, written in Go, with PostgreSQL database
  • Leading development of the mobile application in React/Typescript/Expo
  • Software architecture and infrastructure setup, deployment automation
  • Currently part-time role to support the development of the mobile app
  • Advisor for technical decisions and determining the feature roadmap

Youngpwr B.V.

02/2020 - present ~ Partner and techlead (part-time)

  • Startup for helping young people to further develop their entrepreneurial side, investor through Bytecode
  • Development of custom backend application in Go and CMS
  • Leading development of the frontend application in React/Typescript/NextJS
  • Software architecture and infrastructure setup, deployment automation
  • Currently part-time role for leading the development of a job matching platform
  • Part of the management team (MT) and advisor for technical decisions

Eneco / Dept Agency

05/2019 - 03/2020 ~ Software engineer, ad interim

  • Leading frontend developer for De Omschakelaar project at Eneco, via Dept Agency
  • Front-end development in React/Typescript with Redux connected to .NET Core for data fetching/saving
  • Creating code generation tools to convert different data formats to JSON to be used for calculations
  • Using automation to speed up the development process
  • Creation of tooling to better tackle existing technical debt

Stager Software

05/2015 - 05/2018 ~ Full-stack software engineer

  • Team with 9 people (4 developers), using SCRUM
  • Working on the Stager ticketing software, built using Java Play! and ReactJS
  • Development of custom email builder using ReactJS, Java Play! and AWS
  • Integration of custom email builder within the rest of the application
  • Email templating solution based on MJML

Nooijen Web Solutions

05/2015 - 05/2018 ~ Owner, founder and developer

  • Team with 4 people, working in a SCRUM-like manner
  • Development of websites and web applications
  • Server administration and maintenance
  • Involved in sales, marketing, project management and administrative tasks
  • Discontinued at the start of Bytecode

07/2014 - 12/2018 ~ Owner and founder

  • Started out of a love for chemistry to support hobby chemists getting started
  • Development of the webshop using WordPress/WooCommerce with custom additions
  • Running and maintaining the webshop on all aspects (including administrative tasks)
  • Marketing-related activities to promote the webshop and generate inbound traffic
  • Discontinued so I could fully focus on Bytecode