Skills and Expertise

In the past ten years of programming, I have dealt with an enormous amount of programming languages and frameworks, from C to Ruby on Rails and from Java 6 to Python Django. As a result, I have figured out which languages and frameworks suit me best, and how I can achieve the best results to best meet the needs of the end user.

In recent years I have specialised in a few stacks, as can be read below. Although of course I have my preferences, I will always choose the best tool for the job, regardless of my preference.

Unless the project requires otherwise, I program according to Bytecode’s Coding Standards. The Coding Standards can be found here.

Since about a year, I fill the role of Technical Lead at Bytecode. This means that I only spend a small part of my time writing code myself, because I am more involved with software architecture, the design of the code at a higher level, performing code reviews and guiding the developers at Bytecode. Of course, there are still plenty of times when I do write code myself.

Working method

Technologies I use to deliver elegant, efficient, readable, understandable and maintainable code that adds value to a company and/or product.

Technology used

The techniques I’m currently working with the most are in bold.

Web development

Backend/server development

  • Golang (Gin, Echo)
  • Typescript (NodeJS, Express, Deno)
  • Kotlin/Java (Spring Boot)
  • Haskell

With mostly PostgreSQL as the underlying database.

Front-end and mobile development

  • React+Typescript (with Redux, Styled-Components, NextJS)
  • React Native (Expo)
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Elm

Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps

  • Linux (Arch, Ubuntu, CentOS)
  • Infrastructure and provisioning (Ansible, Terraform, Shell)
  • Systems integration
  • CI/CD(GitLab)
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Cloud (DigitalOcean, AWS)
  • Nginx

Domain specific

  • Compilers, parsers, DSLs: Golang, Rust, Haskell
  • Systems programming: Rust, Golang, C
  • Data science: SQL, Python, Scala, Javascript, R


Currently, I spend around 20 hours per week on self-education. Most of it focussed on computer science, some of it on other subjects (like linguistics or philosophy). You can read more on my learning page.

The old learning page is archived here.