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Because my availability and preferences for projects change regularly, I have added this page to my website, specifically for recruiters, where I can answer most questions.

To read about me as a person and my background, go to the about-page. For my resume, go to the resume page.

Availability and travel time

Currently I am/am not open to new freelance/contract work as a software engineer or game engineer


In order to deliver the highest possible value by delivering a high quality solution, it is important to me that my working method can be implemented in projects.

My preference is for projects where I work closely with the CTO/CIO of a company, lead developers and/or software architects, or where I fulfill one of these roles.

Currently I am available for a project with one or more of the following techniques, or a project where these techniques can be implemented:

  • Unreal Engine 5 for game development
  • Golang for the back-end
  • ReactJS (+Redux) for the front-end
  • React Native (+Expo) for mobile
  • DevOps/Cloud automation with Linux environments
  • Site Reliability Engineering (f.e. with Kubernetes)

Unfortunately it is not possible for me to work with environments that require the Windows operating system, unless a suitable machine is provided by the client.

To read more about my skills, go to the expertise page. Here, my working method is also explained in more detail.

Work and sector

I like variety very much, so I don’t have a strong preference to work in a certain sector, or in a specific role that I would take on, but of course I have things that mainly interest me.

My interests are mainly:

  • Game developent of online games with a variety of tasks
  • Software architecture and determining the direction in the technical field within companies or teams
  • Improving the developer experience using CI/CD to speed up development and operations
  • The inventing and developing of internal tools to improve (development) processes
  • Consultancy in the IT field, and creating and translating requirements into the best technical interpretation
  • IT automation within a company and systems integration (creating links between different applications)
  • Contributions to open-source/free software projects of companies
  • Startups where software is the main focus

I am open to both greenfield and brownfield projects, with no strong preference

Team and mindset

Just as important as the work, I find the team and the mindset.

Within a team, I find it important that there is a culture that motivates people to write clean code and where quality of the software is paramount, so a mindset that fits my way of working.

Whether the team is English-speaking or Dutch-speaking does not matter to me, because I master the English language on a near-native level.

Questions or contact

For questions, or for an introduction I can be reached by email at, or go to the contact page to schedule an appointment.

Want to connect on LinkedIn? Feel free to add me.